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The Saturday Club
For mothers and children



Services include:

Hot meals

The Grenfell inferno caused detrimental effects on the survivors, such as displacement, trauma, financial difficulties, and many others. Consequently, this led to the interaction and bond between family members to be severely disrupted. Based on the struggles that members of our community have faced, Al-Hassaniya Women’s Charity launched the Saturday Club Project to provide a safe space to enable families to congregate, reconnect and rebuild relationships affected by the tragedy.


The programme proved an instant success not only in terms of offering much-needed comfort and support to those attending but as the weeks went by; it became evident that the programme must continue as both mothers and children needed structured sustenance and therapy. The impact of the inferno was becoming more and more evident.

Family life was depleted. A Lack of control over their lives meant they had limited control over the lives of those who rely on them. As a result, a boost of self-esteem and self-confidence was needed.


The Saturday Club includes three elements that help address the effects of the inferno:


  • Mothers empowerment session. This weekly activity is vital as it encouraged the mothers to engage, educate, and empower one another by enabling them to support their children better and become more of positive role models to those who depend on them.

  • Mother & child interaction group therapy. Allowing mother and child to work together, play together in the presence of 2 appropriately qualified professionals. Our Saturday Club team help to guide them and support activities to build better relationships with families and community members.

  • One to one therapy sessions. Where necessary, we organised for our qualified in-house psychotherapist to see mother and child separately and then together to support their specific needs.


The Saturday Club has proved to be a catalyst in our endeavour to offer a holistic approach to happier child and parents. The project is now in its 4th year running, offering a wide range of activities to both parent and child at our centre. Funded by John Lyons, The Saturday Club is delighted to welcome all Arabic-speaking parents and children living in London to come and join in our tailor-made activities every Saturday from 12 am to 5 pm.

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