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Drop-in Activities

drop-in surgery on Fridays between 10:00am-12:00pm

We run a weekly drop-in surgery on Fridays between 10:00am-12:00pm for Arabic-speaking women who live in Kensington and Chelsea and the surrounding boroughs. As part of our three main services, the drop-in is funded by Kensington and Chelsea. If you live outside this borough, you are still welcome to call on us and where possible we will refer you to a service in your area which can help you.

Women needing help or advice on topics ranging from the types of activities we offer to where they can access specialist support are welcome to come to the centre during this weekly session, without the need to make a prior appointment. 

​At the drop-in you will be seen by one of our friendly staff, who will register your details, assess what help and support you need and signpost you to the relevant project of the service. If we are able to assist with your issue, you will be given a further appointment to come to our centre. If we cannot help you directly, we will refer you to an appropriate service.

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Closed on Saturday and Sunday.


Please note that we do not deal with any issues related to immigration and can only provide details of solicitors and immigration practitioners.

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