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Together for Grenfell

We provide bereavement support, individual and group therapy, help survivors cope with the trauma and connect them with additional resources.

In response to the tragic event of the June 14th 2017, Al Hasaniya Moroccan Women’s Centre set up this service to support, help and engage the survivors who are Arabic speaking. Most of our current survivors are known to be suffering from Post- Traumatic Disorder. PTSD as it is commonly known is a response to any major tragic event suffered by human beings and nowhere is this as severe as in those who survived the inferno of Grenfell in our view. The trauma is simply immeasurable.

​Our Therapy service at Al Hasaniya offers bereavement support to assist families affected by the Grenfell Tower fire in coming to terms with the appalling tragedy and can help them make sense of their experiences and feelings, learn healthy coping skills, and connect with other resources and support.

Therapy is delivered holistically through individual sessions and group activity therapy. It is culturally sensitive and is carried by a qualified psychotherapist with years of expertise and experience in the field of mental health disorder and trauma. 

If you need support, click the button below.

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